Monday, March 30, 2009

Just returned from Joe's Valley. It was a great albeit brief trip. I had a blast hanging out with Becky, Chandler, Monica, Alan, Amna, Lianne, Noah, Siemay, and everyone else that we hung out with over the course of the week. The highlight of the trip, for me at least, has to be my last-day of the trip revenge send of 'The Wind Below'. My first attempt at this problem came exactly a year and ten days prior to the second attempt. The first did not end well for me. My second attempt (without the heelhook beta) ended with success.

Chandler and Becky both had great last-day sends as well. Scott, climbing for his third consecutive day, managed to put the outstanding 'Beyond Life' to rest. Becky managed to dispatch the somewhat heady and equally outstanding 'Wills of Fire'. She did it with the dramatic flair of Siemay's send just moments before and earned herself a second flapper to boot.

To recap the rest of the trip I've put together another poor quality video. I decided to use Vimeo this time because of the better resolution. Now if I can just get a tripod and an HD camera you might get something decent out of me. This video is a bit longer. I'm curious if this approach is better than putting together several shorts. Maybe a mix is best? Anyhoo, here it is.

Joe's Valley09 from justin alarcon on Vimeo.


sock hands said...

holy crap your beta for beyond life looks perfect. nice! rejuvinated psych to try that thing again... i was getting nowhere with the huck-meat version. heel hook treachery for lyfe

J V said...

You and Paul are definitely increasing my interest in life while sitting at my desk. Nice work.

Monica said...

Omg, I laughed so hard when I saw the intro. "Yeah Scott do it!" Hahaha

James said...

cool video.