Monday, March 16, 2009

A Bit More Bishop

I'm down in Bishop again. My primary motivation for this brief visit was to put "Haroun and the Sea of Stories" to bed. Unfortunately I keep punting at the top. I'll try again tomorrow, then its on to someplace else.

Yesterday I found myself out at Dale's Camp again. This time Nunsquach (Dave) was there and I witnessed him put on a clinic. A slew of younger, stronger, and handsomer lads and one equally strong lass were trying the "Zen Flute", a problem defined by the large dyno at it's end. Dave strolls up, having sat around without climbing for a while, and sends the rig first try and making it look like v2 (its v10). It was so fucking awesome I couldn't help but laugh. I'm pretty sure Dave could do this problem with a 20lbs. weight belt on. Alas, he refused to repeat the feat for my camera so as punishment I'm showing him flailing on on a much easier problem in the video below. Also, for those unfamiliar with the dog in the video, its schitso. It repeatedly jumps around snapping at invisible things that only it can see. Apparently its been known to do this for hours at a time.

As always the company has been great. This trip has certainly been no exception.

'A Maze of Death,' I will return for thee next year.

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James said...

classic nunsquatch story. the video was cool too but it would have been better if he'd been screaming and cursing. god damn he's so cool in his jean shorts.