Monday, February 16, 2009

The South Day 4

Today was our last day bouldering on this trip. We both had several goals for the day and we'd give'm our best shot. Kevin, however, was secretly hoping he wouldn't meet his goal because of the resulting consequences it would have on a bet he had with Robyn. Let's just says it revolved around some video he'd rather not have surface. I mostly just wanted to try 'The Shield'. This is a contender for the most beautiful problem I've ever seen. I know this goal sounds incredibly easy to achieve, but in actuality, on this short of a trip its not. Fortunately I had the chance to try it out and I wasn't disappointed. The problem climbs as nicely as it looks. I could seriously consider making a trip here for just this problem. Hmmm....

'The Shield'

Kevin trying 'Interplanetary Escape'

Robyn on immaculate stone

We've go one more day in Atlanta and I think we've got something pretty cool lined up, hopefully there will be pictures. Here is one last southern video with problems from Rocktown and LRC.


Caitlin said...

that picture upsets my stomach

shannon said...

I'm with Caitlin - it makes me want to barf, almost as much as the smell of all the poop that John and I cleaned up in my parents' backyard last weekend.