Monday, February 9, 2009

Back in CA...

From dirtbag to scumbag in under 5 minutes!

Back but only for a few minutes. Actually, I've been in the my home state since Friday afternoon but it feels like a just a few minutes.

I left Hueco after another low energy day with a few more problems in the bag but without any of my BIG goals achieved. I tried just about every trick in the book (including dropknee-heelhooks and climbing with no pants) but 'El Chupacabra' will have to wait till next time. Kevin and Wick both had very impressive last days. Kevin managed his fourth hard problem in a very busy two weeks and Wick returned to his early trip form with sends of 'Full Monty' and 'Platonique'.

Here's a video that more or less captures the essence of my last day in Hueco. Thanks to James for suggesting the positive thinking inspired twist.

Less than 24 hours later Turtle and I found ourselves back in California, on the beach in San Diego. While I was there I got to visit with Sarah and eat tons of yummy food.
We also went to the Birch Aquarium and saw some cool fishies...

...and non-fishies

After over 3,600 miles...the last leg of the trip

On Wednesday its off to the southeast to visit Robyn and Nick and boulder on perfect sandstone for a week. Woohoo!


sock hands said...

oh nooz! did kook not tell you that if you use the heel on sex after death, it invalidates all of your yosemite highball sends? guess you'll have to do them all over again whenever it is that i make it out for a flipshit go nutz two day finger esplode blitz.

also, the bad memories of 24hrs in a car w/ my "best friends" says two heinous things to my nose: dogger fartz.

you are a survivalist, man. if you lived to walk the earth after all that time camping and driving w/ a dogger, you must have some sort of dogger fart antidote. market it. i will buy out your supplies.

Robyn said...

You better get rid of the porn stash before you get on the plane!

Caitlin said...

i had no idea you were in the porn business... thanks for editing the scene were your undies come off.

p.s. i like that new move where you look at your hand and roar at it before putting it back on the rock.

J V said...

I can't believe you got rid of the stash. I know why you did too, but that excuse would only work for Kevin.

I don't get it - what part did I miss in you not sending Chupa?

See you tonight.

sarah said...


"excuse me m'am, do you have a license for sexy?!"