Friday, February 13, 2009

The South Day 2

The 'Vagina'

Today was a little slower paced than yesterday. I think it would be fair to say both Kevin and I were a little low on energy. After briefly trying to warm-up I decided to wait to climb until the evening. Kevin had some attempts at various classics including 'The Orb', which he should have done but decided to forget how to climb at the end instead. Sunday for that one. Same goes for the 'Vagina', a problem named after the hold pictured above.

Nick, Robyn's boyfriend and our tour guide for the day. Also pictured, his dog Endo who puked on my jacket. Below Nick demonstrates how to climb a couple of classics off the couch. If the problems appear short, that's because Nick is 6'5".

Kevin on an 'Island of Beautiful Women'

Trying a cool problem called 'Blackout'


J V said...

hahahaha. puked on your jacket. hahahaha. actually, today, while it was raining and I realized I'd be sitting at home all weekend, I started wishing that I never found a job and was running from creditors while living on the road. who's laughing now.

sock hands said...

i started wishing that i had gone to a state school. both times. slave to the grind! this is where my rage comes from. folks bitch about the difference between hand jammies while thinking tape is ok and i wonder what climbing on stone is like. rage! i have no point... well, maybe one: NO LOW ENERGY DAYS! SWIFT KICK TO THE BOLLOCKS FOR YOUR LOW ENERGY! KEVIN KNOWS I'M SERIOUS! i feel like a starving ethiopian in the 80s watching american television coverage of bitches throwing good food away. YOU EAT ALL THAT FOOD, AMERICAN SWINE! YOU *SEND* ALL OF THE DAYS, AMERICAN CLIMBING SWINE! WE'LL SEE HOW LOW YOUR ENERGY IS AFTER I GET A HOLD OF YOU INGRATES!

that felt super good. nice.

Justin said...

I'm wondering why you are not out climbing on a weekend, JJ? Make use of your free time and HARD earned money and go climbing.

sock hands said...

[quality time w/ non-climbing wifey]