Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dog is My Co-Pilot

On Sunday morning Turtle had a little accident. It was nothing life threatening but I thought it warranted a trip to the vet. Bouldering got put on the back burner for a couple of hours while I tended to my wounded pooch. The picture above was taken right after leaving the vet, who ripped me off by charging me for superfluous drugs. If you look closely you can see a tear rolling down her cheek.

Shortly after returning to the trailer

Enjoying this morning's sunshine

Turtle is already running around the Strong Ranch as per her normal routine and she'll have the bandages off in a couple of days.

Mike's dog Bran, on the other hand, has a much more pressing medical need. Apparently he's ruptured his other knee (he's done it to both rear legs now). The surgery will be VERY expensive and his recovery process will take at least six months. Mike will soon see his 'occupation' turn from climbing bum into a stay at home nurse for a while.

Bran, during happier times in Joe's Valley, UT.

Fucking dogs...


J V said...

shitty! what happened?

Caitlin said...

Turtlepants! What did you do to her!? You broke her and then you made her cry! She wanted a pink bandage not an orange one... duh.

Give turtle scritches and kisses for me. And tell her she's lucky she has a daddy who loves her so much.

Peter "Nancy" Newman said...

Awe!!! That blows!!! Give her a hug from me and gus.

the analog freak said...

Bummer! I'll show Turtle some sympathy, even though she's never found it in her heart to show me any.... I hope her recovery is smooth and you get in some good climbing for your last week.

adam and melissa said...

Both gorgeous dogs! Is your's a Ridgeback? One of mine is a pittie/ridgeback mix. I know about vet bills, my younger dog has a life threatening auto-immune disease with no cure :(( I haven't taken a climbing trip in a while.

Hope your little Turtle is on the mend!

melissa (one of shannon and john's friends)

Susan said...

Ah, Turds - your gram wishes you a speedy recovery and safe trip back to Davis where I'll get you a huge bone to gnaw on while you're on the mend. Brodie and Abby send you big hugs too. Your papa loves you so much; stay healthy so you can continue as co pilot