Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Center for Disease Control

Today Robyn brought Kevin and I to the CDC where she works. There was lots of security and buildering opportunities everywhere. There was also a pretty cool museum and a feature display some of the projects the CDC is involved with around the world.

I wasn't granted access to labs...damn.

A little inspiration

This just in, small pox=bad

This guy looks so heroic

An iron lung, surprisingly not that comfortable looking inside

These herpes awareness posters were informative

This was the best part. BSL4 suits! This is what people working with Ebola and other nasties have to wear in the labs. Kevin was tempted to make a run for the door with his suit on. It would have made quite the souvenir. We settled for training Kevin for his new career as an ultimate fighter. Check out the video below of Kevin trying to extricate himself from the "hazmat suit"


sarah said...

i love the little booties at the bottom of the ginormous siut

Caitlin said...

just like like precious little butterflies emerging from their cocoons!

J V said...
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J V said...

When did you get smallpox? You were cute!

James said...

One of your best posts ever Alacron!

Robyn said...

I could watch that video over and over.

the analog freak said...

Whenever I see an Iron Lung I think of that scene in The Big Leboski where they go to find the kid whose dad wrote for Branded and the maid says, 'Oh, he has health problems.'

By the way, I can't believe they actually let you in the CDC. Bet they wouldn't have if you still had the copper stash.

By the way, will you be in Davis anytime soon? Or anywhere else with reliable mail delivery? Trying to get out these kinda end-of-winter letters. They're frickin great.