Saturday, February 14, 2009

Breast Cancer Fundraiser

My mom's husband Gil is participating in the Breast Cancer Fund's 10th annual Climb against the Odds fundraising climb to the summit of Mt. Shasta. If its not clear to you why he's participating, wake up! A breast cancer diagnosis happens to 1 in 8 women; only 10% of breast cancer cases are linked to genetics; and of about 100,000 synthetic chemicals on the market, less than 10% have been fully tested for their effects on human health. The BCF is the only organization dedicated to the elimination of the environmental causes of breast cancer & the prevention of the disease. This isn't a 'sponsor me so I can go climb in the Himalaya' fund raiser. Gil won't receive anything from the donations, he's simply interested in having an adventure and doing it in the name of the BCF means it won't be as selfish as all the climbing I do. Here's a few words from the man himself:

"I am dedicating my training and my climb to some special women who have impressed me with their courage while being treated for breast cancer & their energy as survivors. Margie Mikels, a strong spirited woman, who along with Susy & me shares the joys of being a grandparent to Logan & Wyatt. Margie, her mother and 2 sisters are all breast cancer survivors. As a mother of three daughters, she clearly does not want them to inherit this family trait. My cousin, Tina Tafoya, got her diagnosis 6 years ago as a young wife & mother. Today she is healthy & treasures every day with her sons & husband. I also am dedicating my efforts to a group of amazing women that I call The Sisterhood of EDD Survivors; the sisterhood is huge but I especially want to acknowledge Alison, Flo, Leslie, Melinda and Vicki. Ladies – your strength amazes me. Prayer flags will be taken with me to the summit of Mt. Shasta in your honor."

If you are interested in donating please visit Gil's Breast Cancer Fund web page.

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Susan said...

Thanks Justin for this great 'shout out'. So far the great Obama stimulus plan doesn't include funds for breast cancer research to find the cause & end the damn thing. We appreciate your support
mama & gil