Friday, August 22, 2008

So Much Psyche So Little Time

I'm tired of feeling like my motivation and psyche are being handcuffed by life, and by "life" I mean work, injuries, sleeping, eating, ect. In light of this revelation I went bouldering this morning after I got off work at 4 am. It went something like this: open door to house, grab snack, eat snack while watching the Olympics replay, change out of uniform, fill lantern with fuel, warm up by hanging on door frame doing pull-ups and front levers, and head out of house to the amazing "Yabo Roof". It paid off too! I had my best session yet. I was able to climb up to the big move out right to a slopey pinch, and it felt good doing it. Now I just need to get someone to wake up early and join me out there. Actually, it would be cool for some company but I'll take care of business either way.


sock hands said...

i thought you were going to describe my typical "training session", but you deviated by actually going climbing.

sockhands ill gnar training: get home, change clothes, grab beer, drink beer one while changing clothes. sit at kitchen table while dogs eat their food to ensure mini dogger does not steal big dogger's food. drink beer two while doing this. feel SWOLE. go into basement, turn on lights for mini basement climbing wall. turn on tv, put in dvd, hang on jugs for a minute. do 10 pullups. go to slap dvd player to fix it and finish beer three. try to do some more pullups. decide that it sucks to do so. turn lights off on wall and tv off. take dvd upstairs to family room, get nuther beer in transit, finish watching climbing dvd and take mental note how swole i am and that i can so totally do that climb. fall asleep. wake up with the realization that i will never climb that climb based on flaws in my training. surf the internet for 11.5 hours. repeat.

Paul said...

hey justin, how do i find the guidebook??? thanks