Thursday, August 21, 2008

The List

As is my list. I will just say that some of these are obscure as all hell and may have been done only once. This is not a "most classic" list, just the problems I think are the best. Even at that I find myself a little unsure about some of the ones on this list, particularly the easier ones. Also, those referred to as "unnamed x" are listed as they are listed in Matt Wilder's new guidebook.

The Presidential Traverse, Presidential
Mr. Pink Eyes, Sentinel
High and Mighty, Church Bowl
Unnamed #8, Camp 4
Unnamed #28, Ahwahnee

Duck Hit Traverse, Camp 4
Great White, Horse Trail
Initial Friction, Camp 4
The Linen Line, Curry
Unnamed #2, Curry

Circuit Breaker, Curry
Double Decker, Medicine Clinic
The Ahwahneechee Stand, Ahwahnee
Falk’s Fracture, Lower Falls
Tortuga, Lower Falls

Once Upon A Time, Candyland
The J.L.M.B.P., Candyland
The Wave, The Wave
Triple Jump, Happy Isles
Justin’s John-dis, Candyland

Ahwahnee Arete, Ahwahnee
Woodward Arete, Camp 4
Zorro, Curry
The Fall Classic, Happy Isles
Middle Child, Ahwahnee

Hammerhead, Camp 4
So Good, Cathedral
Blue Suede Shoes, Camp 4
Pygmy Horse, Illouete Canyon
Cocaine Corner, Camp 4

Atlantis, Intersection
The Diamond Left, Candyland
Spanish Fly, Sentinel
The Woodyard Arete, Woodyard
Shiver Me Timbers, Camp 4

No Holds Bard, Sentinel
The King, Cathedral
The Hexcentric, Cathedral
French Quarter, Bridalveil
Torque, Le Conte

A Primate’s Memoir, The Garden
Flatline, Le Conte
King Cobra, Camp 4
Midnight Lightning, Camp 4
Noah’s Arc, Health Clinic

Motorcade, Happy Isles
Panic Room, Curry
Pride, Crystals
Heart of Darkness, Intersection
The Force, Camp 4

Across the Tracks, Knobby Wall
Thriller, Camp 4
Drive On, Horse trail
Diesel Power, Crystals
King Air, Le Conte

Narcissus, Le Conte
Pine Box, Happy Isles
Ring Tail, Ahwahnee
Wall to Wall Carpet SDS, Bridalveil
The Shield, Le Conte

Park Life, Lower Falls
Yabo Roof, Yabo
The Shadow Warrior, Candyland
Dogwood, Woodyard
Dominator, Camp 4


Kevin said...

I think your list is pretty much spot on. Also very glad high and mighty made the cut.

sock hands said...

ok, now: a list of all the v7s. ALL of them. !