Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mike and Allison's Wedding

Pics from the wedding, which was at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg. Lovely. Congratulations to the two love birds. They are spending their honeymoon in Croatia, nice.


Susan said...

I've been to those gardens; they make a lovely venue for a wedding but I'm so confused by the couples....first Peter & Justin look adorable then Justin gets jilted for Mark???
Very difficult for a 60 yr. old to comprehend.
BTW the scarf is a lovely accessory for either gender

the analog freak said...

3 things:

1. The scarf looks better on Sarah than it does on you. Sorry, but it's true. She wears it well.

2. You are a stinky pervbeast for posting pictures of poor Peter tinkling on the infernet for all to see.

3. I forgot what the third thing was. Oh, bummer about the toe. Nasty! Come dance on it at the show Saturday night, fool.