Thursday, August 7, 2008

Black Widow

As Promised, I went bouldering last night. It did not go as planned however. First, I discovered that I would not be able to visit the Yabo Roof due to a road closure of sorts. Shitty. Second, as I was hiking out to my second choice destination (in sandals) I stubbed my toe, not once, but twice! The first time I poked a little hole in my big toe, the second time I broke the nail off! Double shitty! Third, upon arriving at the boulder I realized that I had forgotten my chalk bag in Davis so I was forced to walk back to the car and retrieve my smaller chalk bag, which you can see dangling in the photo above. 

The photo is of me on a nice problem called "Black Widow". Apparently there is a direct finish to it but I could not see those holds in the dark. Also, I was informed today that a hold had recently broken off but I had never seen the problem before so I'm not sure if it broke off the original line or the direct variant, "Black Mamba". Anyway, its good fun and worth the short walk out there.


James said...

Where is this thing?

JohnClimbRok said...

your night sounds like my month. Maybe we're like multiplication though, two negatives combine for ultimate positive power. Is that hint of the definition for irony? I saw a chick-flick last night.

Justin said...

James: your mom's house.

John: I was going to watch one tonight.

sock hands said...

holy shit just watched dosage five and i will conceed the fact that yosemite bouldering is one million times more valid that most any place i've seen before [via the television/intardweb]. swizzy owns as far as moves and steep stuff [again, no first hand knowledge], but holy shit [again]!

i know it's a night session alone with the bears and whatnot, but cut out that foolish crap you posted and go do 'drive on' and 'dogwood'... i know you have an 8spray.spew spraysheet so i'll need to internet stalk you/hassle infinitum unless i see such sends posted by the time the snow flies.

you have an organic pad; you can do that crap alone, if necessary. you even have more than the required number of fingers. GET ON IT

sock hands said...

holy crap: you basically agreed w/ me in total and then complimented me on my self-aggrandized rock plunking efforts?

wait... hold on... this is the internet.. i smell AMBUSH, but it's quiet... almost too quiet.

i'll be keeping a sentry posted for any sneak attack dab calls.