Saturday, July 12, 2008


Went to Donner today on just a few hours of sleep.  Definitely was lacking in energy and drive but Peter inspired me with his efforts on "Midnight Train" at the Saddle boulders so I warmed up and had some goes at "The Real Deal." It went really well considering conditions were crap and I hadn't climbed in a week. Still, you can only fall on the last move so many times before it gets a bit tedious. 
Fran hard at work

In lieu of some climbing media, here is a video of one of the things I did at work last week. The clip will detail one part of the story that the picture above begins.


JohnClimbRok said...

How many of those guys lived under your house. And you just evicted them?!?! Tough outfit you run over there.

Mandi said...

what the hell?

ryan said...

phenomenal wildlife videography. well done sir. I am impressed by the sheer number of The Ahwahnee's finest.