Saturday, July 12, 2008

Glen Aulin

After a terrific 4th of July weekend I was sent into the backcountry for a bear patrol at the Glen Aulin high sierra camp. Not much happened back there except for some serious chillin', which was a nice change from all the Valley shifts.  I did scope out a bunch of beautiful unclimbed walls and boulders. 

I haven't climbed since last Saturday when I took Sarah up on Lembert Dome in Tuolumne. I'm jonesing for a fix so Peter and I are going up Donner today despite the open wounds on the bottom of my foot. I earned myself several foot flappers running after a bear barefoot yesterday morning. Brilliant.

Some pics


sock hands said...

please note that doom shall befall your foolish face if you do not post photos in an expandable format rather than just the bitty shit.

you have blog watchers. such blog viewers have needs.



ryan said...


ryan said...

dude great pic of the interns. simul-high fiving....sickness!