Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shoveling Snow

The man, the myth, the legend, Kevin Cuckavich

Kevin Cuckavich is a good samaritan. He spends his rest days shoveling the snow off of the tops of boulders so that he and others can climb on them. Recently, however, this got the young man into trouble.
While the rest of us slobs were chilling in the Food Ranch Kevin was out shoveling. It started to get kinda late and we began to wonder, "When is Kevin going to show up?" I had images flashing through my mind of him slipping on some ice atop one of these boulders only to topple over the edge and suffer a compound fracture or worse. Of course I brushed those worries aside and continued eating my salad.

Finally, after I'd finished checking my e-mail, we collectively decided to check up on him.  Peter and Ryan were the first to leave. As I took my place behind the steering wheel of my Subaru, Peter and Ryan pulled back into the parking lot. Who should be riding along in the back seat? None other than our fearless shoveler, "Cuck" (sounds like fluke). Aparently, he'd driven off the side of the road and gotten his rig stuck in the snow. Our abitious boy had driven too far up an unplowed road and had been stuck for some time now. Fortunately for him, a sherif eventually came to his rescue and brought him back to town and helped him find a means to get his 4Runner out of the snow.

This all sounded like great fun to me so I quickly drove up to the scene so that I could take some pictures of the whole mess. Enjoy.

The aftermath


Kevin said...

You left out the part where you guys failed to get worried about me being missing for 4 hours during a blizzard.

Justin said...

Oh I mentioned it alright, read the part about me eating a salad. It clearly illustrates what was important to me at the time.

Kevin said...

Oh I read it maybe I just can't comprehend how my friends could leave me stuck in a BLIZZARD. On a side note I how your salad tasted horrible.

Johnclimbrok said...

Hahaha. What a retard.

The Guy Known As Fish said...

excellent work cuck.