Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The hardpan

To break the drive up a bit Kevin and I decided to meet up at Ibex, just inside the Utah border, to spend the night and get a day of quartzite bouldering in. I had never been to Ibex before, but had long desired to visit. It was beautiful and the bouldering was excellent.  The routes look good too! I actually met the author of the guidebook, James Garrett, out there and he was nice enough to give me a free copy so long as I put it to good use.  Now I'm obligated to return. There was a third party out there climbing (he's old) that he's seen some climbing routes at Ibex that he didn't know. Awesome.

The view from above Austin, NV along "the loneliest highway in America" 

The main buttress at Ibex

Kevin on "Ju"


Peter "Nancy" Newman said...

dude, so psyched!!!

Johnclimbrok said...

I didn't get the part about the old dude.