Thursday, March 25, 2010

Utah Update

We're taking another rest day tomorrow, Friday, so we've gotten a hotel room in Price for a shower and night out of the cold.

The trip has been going fantastic. Its been great hanging out with Noah, Matt and Sandy; meeting and getting to know Becky's old friends Chris and Emily and of course spending time with my ladies Becky and Turtle.

On the climbing front, the trip is going well too. I've had the chance to climb on a bunch of beautiful new (at least to me) problems. I've even managed to get to the top of a few boulders. The highlights so far have been "Dance With the Devil" a highball on perfect black rock and "The Ghost King" a challenging problem 'discovered' last year right beside one of Joe's Valley's most popular areas. Becky has also been sending. She climbed "Chips" utilizing a tricky toe hook and over the last two days she climbed "Sunshine Daydream" and "G2-07" in a single session each!

No new media from me of course, but since I forgot to post it before here's Becky's video from Red Rocks.

Red Rocks 2010 from Becky Trafecanty on Vimeo.

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