Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The fantasy continues! For how long? Who knows? I'm delaying the inevitable, as any reasonable person would, by road tripping. Over the past two weeks one would have found me on the eastern side of the Sierras. I spent most of the time in Bishop climbing on only the finest lines, except when foul weather forced me to the Tablelands.

In the middle of the trip I departed Inyo county for the northern Nevada mecca of climbing, Minden! Minden has a couple of things going for it that other northern Nevada towns do not: First rate tacos, a really nice cafe with food more reminiscent of the Bay Area, and most importantly Noah and Siemay's woody!

Noah's woody with 50% real rock holds!

Staying with Noah and Siemay not only gave me the opportunity to shower, but also to check out one of Jessie Bonin's creations in Hope Valley, 'The Future Present'. This line is not exactly a winter problem, but I had brought my snow shoes and shovel so I went ahead and put them to work. The problem was well worth the effort and I'm psyched to go back for the sit, which I nearly did, only falling on the last easy move due to a wet hold that succumbed to the snow that had been falling all day long.

Minden was followed by a second visit to Bishop. This time Becky escaped from her studies to join me and enjoy Bishop for one last time this season. She climbed really well too, doing two of her long time projects quickly and dispatching another easier but steep line (not her strength) very quickly. Her send of 'The Ruckus' was the highlight for me because it really stands out as a quality rock climb with a quintessential last move dyno. Good job Honey!

Relishing the post-send double flappers

Up next for the traveling hobo adventure...Utah! Becky wants to go to Joe's Valley for her spring break so I've broken down and agreed to go too (note heavy serving of sarcasm). We may stop in Ibex for a few days too, but as long as the snow doesn't force us south to Moe's we'll spend the majority of our time on the black and tan goodness.

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Susy said...

What a charmed life you live & with such charming companions.....the adorable Miss Becky & the tender Turtle