Sunday, January 31, 2010

Extending My Trip!

That's right, I've decided to stay in Hueco longer then I originally planned. After being encouraged to do so by just about everyone here (especially Melissa) and getting the thumbs up from Becky, I've made the big decision. Today I called my boss and quit my job, found someone to sublet my apartment, and sold my rack and rope to finance this extension.

Phew! What a weight off my chest. What does this mean for the future? Well, tomorrow I'm going out once again to try 'A Single Word'. I tried it on Friday with Randy and the Norwegians, but left without the ascent. I did refine my beta though, and I climbed it in two overlapping sections so I'm still optimistic.

No matter what the result is tomorrow, on Tuesday I will begin the drive home (insert wry grin).

This year my intentions were to focus on climbing diverse objectives with a priority on having a good time with friends. I did not want to get caught up too heavily in any particular project this season, I've done enough of that over the past year or two. As I sit here now typing on what was supposed to be my last day of climbing I can confidently declare that I've met my goal, and then some!

I think a lot of factors played into my success this season, not the least of which was my mental approach. Good weather, good company, training, and experience all played vital roles too. Still, the lure of a good project is there, and it's pull is mighty. Tomorrow will be my fourth day trying 'A Single Word,' double the amount of time I've spent on anything else this season. I'm going back because I'm just to damn close to walk away without another shot, but I'm only going back for one more day to assure I don't get too caught up in the success/failure aspect of it all. Either way its one of the best problems I've climbed on in Hueco. Our relationship has be brief yet rewarding.

That's all for now, see all you Californians soon! Thanks for the great trip Hueco!


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Awesome you had such a fabulous trip! You and Becky should swing by CO next time you're in the hood...