Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring Sucks

Not Yosemite, but still good

Not entirely, but there is a lot not to like about Spring. First and foremost, it means that hot temperatures are on the way (or are already here). Second, it means no more bouldering in Yosemite for me. If I was working there it would be different because I'd be up late all the time and climbing at night wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately I'm not there working, which means driving a ton (lame!) and climbing during the day when its hot and muggy and buggy and LAME!!!

So now I gotta go climb somewhere else, or go climb routes. I'm not sure which is the better option.

Kevin leaves for Rocklands today, which is exciting because it means I'm just that much closer to leaving myself!


Beth said...

Chipper up buddy!

Justin said...

I actually wrote that a few days ago just never posted. I'm a happy camper, no worries.

sock hands said...

since i'm avoiding facebook until 5pm: SAFE TRAVELS, KEVIN (YOU BITCH) !!!!

i'm on the whining boat with you, mang... rain and rain and snow and seeping rock for 6 weeks, then BLAZING HEAT, rain-fed posion ivy forests, and ticks.

went from suck to suck with no rad inbetween.

i'm not sure if it is a worse lot in life to be a climber or a florida surfer... never good conditions... always something to bitch about. hero days cannot be summoned up with climate control knobs.


J V said...

My computer died.

shannon said...

Now he actually has to hang out with me in the evening.