Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hueco Part 4

Redemption! Went back to "Dark Age" yesterday to finish up some business and did so, with flawless technique I might add (note: the video below will show the prior comment is to be taken with a heavy dose of sarcasm).

Mike, in addition to providing technical support for my smoke screen effect in the "Dark Age" video, was seen flashing "Fern Roof" just around the corner. Later, he nearly sent "Diaphanous Sea" but fell off the one and only jug on the problem...post crux...sheesh. He found solace in sending both "Loaded With Power" and it's harder counterpart, "Loaded Direct" to finish the day. I was able to follow him up LWP, but only after surviving the scariest spotting duty I've ever undertaken. I was literally shaking after Mike's send of LD. The nature of the climb wasn't all that dangerous but the nature of Mike's climbing was.

From my spies in the East Spur I hear that Kevin had a very good day on a difficult boulder and will send in no time for sure. The Davis contingent is down to 3 brave souls, but we will persevere.


J V said...


sock hands said...

holy dramatic foot skate!

nice send, fool!

Susan said...

great way to spend one of the most important days for the good ole usofa - the peaceful transfer of power. Obama, Obama, and oh yes - yeah, Justin!

Peter said...

well done!!!

James said...

In half of the movies I have seen of you sending you say, "I almost blew it so many times." It's pretty classic. Nice send homie.