Sunday, October 12, 2008


Here hem...Peter, pulls it out of the bag and finally sends the Chocolate Bunny. Congrats. He also sent his project over at Bridalveil too, which I believe may have been his hardest to day (if you go by the numbers at least).

I had a good/bad day on my project. I got a new highpoint, which is totally awesome because that means I stuck the crux from the ground for the first time. What was totally not awesome was having my foot pop off for no apparent reason shortly thereafter. I'm also concerned because my right bicep is starting to scream at me following each burn so I think I need some rest and to renew my opposition training.

Lastly, I'm concerned about my little superstition about wearing pink on sending days. It began innocently enough but now I'm receiving gifts from friends. My concern is that if I send wearing this stuff I may start to really believe that there is something to the superstition and who knows where that could lead? Pink nail polish? Women's undergarments? Yikes, I would not be very attractive in drag.

Lastly part 2: Here is a video of Kevin who is visiting right now.


BEA said...

you'd probably just look like me in drag! less boobs and bigger arms. but not horrible...

Lyn said...

If you didn't look so hot in pink, people wouldn't encourage you ;P I'm bringing my wig on Friday, so the look will be complete. Can't wait for another fun weekend! - Lyn

Lyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sock hands said...

kookybitch JEALOUS RAGE!!!!!!111111


Susan said...

can't help but wonder what the deleted comment said - but not enough to know........I'm with BEA not hot but not horrible. Stick with pink shirts and your integrity should be intact. Now about your body aches; something else for a mama to worry about?