Monday, October 22, 2007

Visitors Like Whoa!

We had a busy weekend here at my home in the ditch, and what better timing could there be? The leaves are yellow and red, the air is cool and crisp, and I had a four day weekend!

There was lots of sending this weekend, which always adds to the already enjoyable experience of hanging with friends, being outside, and bouldering. Most notably, Ethan Pringle made the second ascent of "Sasquatch" in about 20 min. of effort. I believe it took Dean Potter several years of effort before he got the first ascent. Dean climbed it barefoot, Ethan chose to use one left shoe, he also suggested a V11 rating (the problem was previously unrated). Prior to his ascent of Sasquatch Ethan flashed the third ascent of "King Air" and climbed "Dominated," not a bad day for him. The other most notable ascent goes to Paul Barraza, he made the second ascent of "Pine Box" this Sunday.

I got in on the action, albeit at not quite as difficult a level, with ascents of "Flatline" and "Motorcade". Both are lines that I've spent a lot of time daydreaming about, but never got around to trying. Fortunately, there was a motivated team of fellow climbers and spotters and I was lucky enough to climb both within a couple of attempts. John took a lot of photos this weekend so hopefully he'll post up. Check his blog for more (and better) images.

Vicki at the Sentinel boulders


Alan Moore said...

no mention of baijiu or headbutting?

Susan said...

what an awesome way to spend a fall weekend - guess if you couldn't hang with family 2 weeks in a row, climbing with your family of fellow climbing enthusiasts is pretty damn cool too.
missing you..........mama