Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bishop in August?

Ryan finishing the "Iron Man Traverse"
Ryan West and I decided to make a short bouldering trip to Bishop the other night. It was actually well worth the effort. We arrived at the Buttermilks around 10pm and were welcomed by sixty degree weather and we were the only ones there. Can't remember the last time that happened, probably sometime between '00 or '01. Truth be told, the session we had Thursday night was probably the most fun I've had in the Buttermilks in a long time. There was no moon out while we were climbing that meant that our only light was from our two Coleman lanterns. It was like climbing on little orange globes in a sea of blackness. It was romantic for sure, I only wish Ryan would have been more willing to snuggle. Before calling it quits for the night I wanted to do one last problem on the Birthday Boulders, the aptly named "Birthday Direct". Just as I was about to pull on with my right hand I noticed this little guy.

He's facing down on a vertical wall of patina, just showing off.

The next day we chilled out at Lake Sabrina before heading up to Rock Creek for a short session. We were fatigued from the previous night but laying around and bouldering a little amongst quaking aspens and a gurgling stream is really good for the soul and we had a good time just hanging out.

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