Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back in the Ditch

This is the view from my new front porch. Whatcha think?

I'm back at the center of the climbing universe (at least that's what they tell you in Camp 4) and I'm psyched to climb and chase some bears. It's a bit hot for the really hard stuff but its still good enough conditions to go cragging. Still, I couldn't resist exploring for new projects yesterday and of course, Yosemite never fails, I was rewarded with some promising looking lines.

This one looks really hard.
I was very disappointed in the amount of garbage I saw in the stream bed yesterday. I would like to say I was surprised but that would be a lie. I know that there will always be some incidental litter wherever there are people but I would like to think that in a National Park people would be a little more careful with their garbage. Unfortunately, the Disneyland mentality prevades and people assume that because it's a Park they will be cleaned up after.

This rubber duck has seen better days. I gave him a proper burial in a dumpster.

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