Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick Update

Markus of Austria on "Big Jim"

Sitting here in the gite waiting for rocks to dry. Scott and I have already been out once to get pastries and we may go again soon.

The last two days have been a mix of climbing and resting. We went into the town of Fontainebleau proper and had a walk around the Chateau's gardens. Afterward we headed over to Franchard Cuisinaire where the rest of the team was climbing. My head spun at all the rock.

Scott happy with baked goods.

Fontain at the chateau

Yesterday we had a nice afternoon at Petite Bois. I managed a few classics and everyone seemed to enjoy the nice conditions before the rain came at 4:30.

More to come.

Edit: Evening update. Today became a rest day. Below is a picture of the highlight of my day.


J V said...


Paul B said...

That 's what I love about France. All that rock and all those pastries. How does it compare with the rocklands?

Paul B said...

that comment wasn't from Paul B.

Justin said...

who was it from?

Susy said...

Satz and I are drooling over pastries....yummy.