Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home Again

The last few days in Joe's were a bit disappointing. The weather crapped out on us and I was unable to finish off any more of the problems on my tick list. Before the weather arrived I managed to make an ascent of the mega-classic "Trent's Mom". This problem has a reputation as being one of the best problems in the country and after climbing it I can't argue with that.

On the way home I made a brief stop at one of my favorite places to visit, Ibex. Ibex is a trip, and I always want to spend more time there but for some reason never make it happen.

Here a simple video of the problem "Big Gulp". Turn your volume up and see if you can hear the echos on the two attempts when I yell a little, the sound really emphasises how alone you are out there.

Big Gulp from Princess on Vimeo.


Noah Kaufman, MD said...

CRAPPER! I love it, bro! Great vid... The wandering turtle is classic as is the big gulp.

Susy said...

Heard the echo; wondered if you were truly alone & the safety of climbing solo & was so excited to see the result. Apparently Turtle was not so impressed as she wanders away right at your big finale. Silly girl.