Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sub Zero

Here's a clip that won't make the cut for the Hueco movie I'm putting together. The quality sucks even for my camera, but its worth seeing for the historical value ;)

Now, without further adieu, here is Randy Puro making the first ascent of 'Sub Zero'. The line is in the corridor between 'Nagual' and 'Glas Roof' at the East Spur Maze.

Sub Zero from Princess on Vimeo.

Off I go to Bishop!


Mike Personick said...

Dude I was just looking at this thing the other day, wondering what the hell it was and who climbed it. Did you do it? It looks badass, and not super hard? Where did Randy start it?

Justin said...

Randy started on a flatish edge at the bottom of the feature, smearing the left foot, hooking with the right. I tried it and was psyched to do it until my heel popped off on one attempt and I bashed my knee pretty hard. I'd say its in the v10 range.

Thanks for stopping by Mike!