Monday, October 12, 2009

Done With Trees

Since I last wrote I've climbed a few more trees but I've also climbed some rocks! Actually to be honest the trees were more exciting. Particularly the Giant Sequoias. The last tree I climbed on Thursday was a 240 foot old growth monster. We had to invent a few new (to us) techniques to climb it, but we still managed to reach the uppermost branches right at sunset (see photo above). Unless something totally unexpected happens, this will have been my last tree for the year, at least the last I'll be paid for. Of course, I think I've said that at least three times in the last several weeks so you never know...

Trees from Princess on Vimeo.

As I said above, I've had the chance to do some bouldering on real rock recently. My favorite rock in fact, Yosemite granite. The last two weekends have been really nice. I've spent most of my time just playing on whatever happens to be near bye, trying to regain some bouldering strength. Hopefully I'll be ready for projects soon. I'm ready to be out of my post-rocklands doldrums now.


Robyn said...

Think you'll make out to the dirty dirty this season?

sock hands said...

i must use the slingshot for boulder problems. so rad.