Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not Climbing

Haven't been rock climbing since September 6th, not even on plastic rocks! This is the longest break I've taken in 8 years (I think), when I injured my shoulder and it just wouldn't heal. Fortunately I'm not injured now, I'm just broke. The South African sojurn really hurt my bank account so I've been working hard the last two weeks trying to build it back up, but more on that later.

I've got at least one more post regarding the big summer trip. After that, I promise a return to the present and future. I hope.

For a quick media fix I put together one more short video with a few problems I forgot to include in the longer one I posted a month ago. The highlight is Randy's 3rd try ascent of 'Black Velvet,' unless your name is Jaeger then it will be 'Minki' because of it's magical grade of v7. I hope you enjoy.

More SA Boulders from Princess on Vimeo.


sock hands said...

omg that dung beetle wrestling that turd is a PERFECT metaphor for bouldering harder that v7!

sock hands said...

wait maybe i take that back because those two other lines looked pretty rad. maybe they can be considered honorary v7s, therefore escaping the fate of all double digit lines: paving gravel!