Monday, May 19, 2008

Man Love Party

This weekend I took a few days off from work and climbing to celebrate the special bonds shared between heterosexual men that have known each other for far too long and have no remaining notion of personal boundaries. The occasion was Ryan's bachelor party. We rented a cabin in the hills south of Santa Cruz, bought a lot of alcohol and invited a bunch of old friends. It was quite the reunion and I have to admit I'm pretty wiped at the moment (despite my training for the event during the week prior). 

Here are some shots of a few of the degenerates that are some of my best friends.

Andy and Shmo

Gordon and Jake

The Ogre and Chen

Mike and Josh

Here Ryan and Pat share a special moment

Ryan had a good time.

I have to admit it was kinda of nice to not talk about climbing for a whole weekend. I think the subject came up twice in passing and and only lasted for a total of two and half minutes. Break time is over however, and now it is time to get back to rock climbing adventures. 

More hot granite soon to come!

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