Monday, February 11, 2008


I spent the last few days in the Tablelands just outside of Bishop, CA. This was the first time I've made a trip down there during which I never climbed at any of the granite areas, weird. Actually, I had my hopes on visiting the granite at the Druid Stones but everything at an elevation above Bishop proper was snowed in.

It was a pretty relaxed trip, and relatively free from the crowds one expects down there these days. T-Rex, Nerissa, had a great trip with sends of several difficult problems and Mike Wickwire seemed to be getting back on form after his 2007 reset. What's that you say? Mike explained to me this weekend that he and Vic Copeland had decided to wipe the slate clean in 2007 and pretend as if they had never climbed anything in the Bishop area before. Both guys had spent a considerable amount of time in the area as teenagers and had climbed just about everything within reason at some time or another. In fact, the two of them have established many of the classics the drones mob to everyday. So basically they've decided to try and re-climb everything. Anything before 2007 doesn't count. They'll be done soon I'm sure, good luck!

All tuckered out

In other news: John Scott a.k.a. Little Johnnie, has a very stinky ass.


mandi said...

Aaah a new blog. A new way to waste time. Thank you Justin!!!

Robyn said...

I miss Bishop :(

You coming to visit?