Friday, January 25, 2008

Hueco Part III (Final Installment)

Peter on "Best of the West"

My arrival in Hueco was long overdue. Commonly referred to as the best bouldering area in the U.S., its practically considered a right of passage for boulders to make at least one pilgrimage to Hueco. It is almost as if people (some people) don't take your opinion of boulder problems or bouldering areas seriously if you haven't been. Ridiculous. Well, I went, I saw, I climbed. Now my opinions matter, so here are a few:

-Hueco is not the best bouldering area in the U.S. (OH NO!). It kicks ass, but any place with so many rules just can't be top dog.

-The rock is not that great. The best rock in Hueco is really good but most of it is ranges between really good choss and kitty litter choss.

-I will definitely return. The climbing is really fun, the roofs are unbeatable, and the concentration of hard problems is top notch.

Peter on "Left Donkey Show"

On a more personal note, I was very pleased to have found a couple of harder problems that did not put extra strain on my gimpy tendon. After discovering and working on both problems one day, I was able to get back to them both on my last day of the trip. The first, El Chupacabra, Left went down first try of the day. The second, The Flame, went down second try of the day. Hazah! Mission accomplished. Thanks to everyone who made this trip so special, especially Kevin, Peter, Adam, Melissa, Jody, my Mom and Gil for watching Turtle while I was gone. Time to ride off into the sunset.

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